About us

Jeff Nicholls has over 32 years experience in the masonry industry, has worked and lived throughout Canada, Ireland and Denmark.

Born and raised in Owen Sound, Jeff started as a mason's helper at 20, apprenticing and graduating from George Brown College as a licenced brick and stone mason.

He has experienced and learned much through the years, working together with people in Canada and other countries in the masonry trade.

Our Goal

We are committed to provide the highest quality of workmanship, service, professionalism and attitude towards our work and our valued customers.

Customer satisfaction is, has been and always will be our priority. Most of our work comes from referrals and word of mouth, we strongly believe that..."You are only as good as your last job!"

Why Natural Stone?

Natural stone is recyclable, adds true and resale value, timeless beauty, strength, R value, low or no maintenance, uniqueness, permanence, eco friendly (non toxic) and stands the test of time.........300 million years!